Proof of Delivery

If your business interacts with customers in any capacity at all, accountability is king. Your customers are the life blood of your revenue stream and need to be respected; accordingly, however, disagreements and miscommunication will inevitably crop up from time to time.

A digital signature capture or proof of delivery solution will add an extra level of accountability to improve your customer service and give you actual data in a situation where there is a dispute. Reshipping orders in the name of customer service is costly, and dissatisfied customers can even result in unpaid invoices and disputed payment transactions.

All major delivery and distribution companies have some level of delivery shipment software, and Trend Mobility can help assist you in choosing the best signature device hardware and electronic signature software solution, all at a budget just right for your business. Whether you need a simple signature software to track a delivery, or a full-fledged, direct store delivery application incorporating GPS data and real time WWAN connectivity, TrendMobility is here to help!