Barcode and Label Solution

A printed label is a key component of any application in which items need to be identified quickly and easily. Though printed labels may seem unsophisticated at first, their benefits are very powerful, assuming they are created properly. Whether you are making labels for shipments, for a business asset, or for products, a barcoded label is a reliable tool to help manage any tracking system.

All label printing systems consist of three main parts: the printer, media (labels, ribbons) and design software. Depending on your business needs, there are solutions to support low volume office printing to full scale industrial and mobile applications. Ensuring these components are properly matched to each other and to your application requirements is essential to getting the greatest return on your system.

What are the Key Benefits of Barcode Label Printing?

Millions of companies around the world rely on barcode printing to improve data management and accessibility, reduce costs and increase productivity. This innovative and easy-to-implement technology allows companies in virtually any industry to benefit using labels.

What are the Components of a Barcode Label Printing System?

All label printing systems consist of three core components: